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VTCT Courses


VTCT (Vocational Vocational Training Charitable Trust) is one of the leading examining boards in the Beauty Industry. They offer international Qualifications, known as:

IHBC – International Health and Beauty Course     and    IIHHT – International Institute of Health & Holistic Therapies

Training establishments providing these qualifications are governed and regularly inspected to ensure quality training, qualifications of tutors, adequate equipment and premises etc.

VTCT qualifications are well regarded within the industry and are recognised by potential employers and many insurance companies

Students wishing to achieve VTCT qualifications will be given both written and practical assignments and case studies (portfolio) to complete at home  in their own time on their own models following initial training.

Please note that the work involved doing a VTCT qualification is intense and requires a lot of home study both practical and theory, so 100% dedication is needed in order to complete and pass the qualifications. It is recommended that you  come in to discuss what you want to do and see the amount of work that is involved in doing a VTCT qualification. Also as you are required to do most of your practical case studies in your own time, you will be required to have all of the necessary products and equipment.

You will be shown how to build a portfolio – this is a file containing all your written and practical assignments plus any other relevant information to the course you are studying. This will include all underpinning knowledge and understanding assignments that are required. There will also be internal practical assessment(s) and written multiple choice exam papers.

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